Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to help children in Gaza

Doing good isn't always easy! Even if the intention is there!

This is a post about a very controversial topic for which I read a lot of online articles, most of which are more full of propaganda, rather than compassion towards the true victims - children and the innocent. I decided to post some guidelines which may be useful.

  • .: DONATE MONEY through UNRWA or some other ligitimate humanitarian agency!

Donations are about the ONLY thing that help people. You also have agiencies which help you track the flow of your donations. Donating money directly helps provide food, water, emergency health kits, household kits etc to the families of these children. This is the best thing that anyone can do! It is also how I chose to help these children. If you cannot donate money but can find a way to donate clothing and such, i guess it would be a second best.

  • .: STOP insulting peoples intelligence with your stupid prayers.

Prayer is not only inneffective and a waste of your time, it is also INSULTING to the real heroes that actually HELP by putting their money where their mouth is! If you really insist on praying, at least try to show a little respect by NOT posting and advertizing it around social media. If your god hasn't done anything until now, it says a lot about what you are worshipping! Here is an idea: once a month try donating $25 (or whatever your wallet can handle). It will actually make YOU feel better, it might put a smile on a childs face AND it will actually put you on that list of people/heroes who have REALLY done something to help.

  • .: If you are Israeli - condemn and appeal to have Netanyahu and his likes removed from office

I believe that as long as Netanyahu is in power the palestinian issue can never be solved. The first steps should include removing the radicalized political factors which are contributing to this tragedy. Also people like Ayelet Shaked should not be given a voice in the Israeli Knesset. These kind of people pervert any hope for an idea of prosperity, as well as any hope of peaceful resolution in the first place.

  • .: If you are Arab - condemn Hamas for being cunts and Egypt for keeping their eyes shut to the situation

There are Arab countries that can really make a big difference. Amongst them is Egypt, who can fascilitate the evacuation of the children (and vulnerables) from the Gaza strip. The PA and other influential arab nations should raise their voices and make themselves heard against Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization by definition. It indiscriminately and continuously does all it can to hurt as many people as it can in ANY way that it can! No respect towards uman life whatsoever.

  • .: STOP trying to take advantage of a childs misfurtune and pain

Some individuals on social media are simply dispicable! Trying to use the Gaza conflict as a "tool" to impose their preferences of a poliltical agenda!! That is a horrible thing to do. You know who you are and I hope you get used for target practice!

My disclaimer

There are a lot of other points that can be made regarding the situation in Gaza, but owing to my limited time I have decided to perhaps address them at a later time. Here I have tried to be very brief in illustrating what you can ACTUALLY do to help the children in Gaza. I have read through dozemns of social media posts online regarding this issue and unfortunately most of them are way too biased for my taste. This was my inspiration for writing this post.

I still believe that israelis and arabs can coexist peacefully. I still believe everyone has the right to live a life of their choosing in freedom.

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